Our Mission

The mission at Prime Time Collectibles is to create and support an easier way to Buy/Sell/Trade all things collectible. We strive to be reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.

Our Story

Mr. Prime Time, a.k.a. Owner and Founder (Noah Moore), fell in love with collectibles at an early age. He started with toys, his favorite Ninja Turtles. He soon transitioned into Sports Cards. Obsessed with collecting for many years, he developed an extensive collection. You now have access to this revolving collection. Here at Prime Time Collectibles, we stand to change the stigmas that come with many hobby shops and collectible stores. We want to extinguish the inconsistencies, inconveniences, dishonest pricing, etc.. Replacing these with local liquidity, fair pricing, valued customers, and an overall fun, inviting atmosphere.

Store Location

128 Southwinds Road, Suite 3, Farmington, AR 72730